Monday, May 2, 2016

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Adia Victoria

Man, its really difficult to turn away from this woman, her voice and the style of music she plays. One song sounds like a haunted, ghostly version of country ("Stuck in the South") that sounds like Loretta Lynn singing on a White Stripes track. Then you find another song that is a rocking, free spirited number that won't allow you to sit still. This combination, along with a great New Orleans blues type song ("Howlin' Shame"), has her debut album one that I'm really excited about. (Being released May 13th on Atlantic Records) Highly recommend giving her a listen.


I stumbled onto Seratones a couple of weeks ago when their performance on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert was posted to YouTube and was immediately hooked on to vocalist/guitarist's A.J. Haynes' lovely voice and the sweet rhythms and melodies of their songs. They're carving out a space for themselves with a new and refreshing sound that is a great mix of soul, grunge and classic rock. Really looking forward to catching them on tour and get a taste of their sound live. Their debut album Get Down comes out May 6th.


The Suffers

South By Southwest is a great outlet for artists trying to get noticed and create a buzz. The 2015 SXSW had a noticeable buzz around the 10 piece Houston band The Suffers. Fronted by the awesome vocals of Kam Franklin, this band blends soul, pop, jazz and blues so well that it makes their self titled debut album a whole lot of fun. Also, if you think their album sounds fun, see them live. Their live shows are interactive and such a joy to watch. They are a band that loves playing with each other and are one of the tightest sounding bands you'll ever see live. Bet on it!

Anderson Paak.

Anderson Paak came into my life after watching his stellar interview with Nardwuar during this past SXSW. Then, I kept hearing crazy good reviews of his album Malibu and gave in and listened to it and was sold. The album covers all the bases of his influences, from hip hop soul and r&b. It's far and away the smoothest sounding album out now, with the production and instrumentation sounding so on point. This guy has been around for a few years now and its a shame I'm only stumbling upon his work now. Better late than never right? Well, whatever. I'm glad I've arrived and am looking forward to future releases.

Lera Lynn

Once again, NPR for the win! The site introduced me to singer/songwriter Lera Lynn with her latest album Resistor, released on April 29th. Known for her work for HBO's True Detective, Lynn started out in the Americana genre until she integrated more pop, instrumentation and electronic sounds into her new album. The songs carry a dark approach and feel to them, in some cases haunting. Her voice is incredible and lyrics evocative and powerful. Really happy to have learned about her and hope to grab the album soon.

Sundy Best

I've never been someone that signs on to the bro-country style and most times its an immediate turn off when hearing it. However, there is something very appealing about Sundy Best that I cannot seem to shake for whatever reason. Maybe its their easy to sing melodies, upbeat rhythms or maybe it's the pleasure of seeing two elementary school friends have a whole lot of fun playing together. Either way, I enjoy what I've heard so far and hope to hear more from them soon. 

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